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Company overview

African Camp & Catering’s specialties lie where resources are few and far away and where our clients’ core business needs to make their mark. Borne out of a need for hospitality, construction and camp management in remote locations, we have become a one-stop-shop for these solutions.

The services we offer, is one component of our excellence. Another is our ability to present these services to you on-site in a well-planned and efficiently executed manner. We achieve this with our stable and forward thinking leadership team that has the checks and balances in place to see projects through from plan to implementation to management and maintenance. Within this process lie our trade secrets that ultimately govern our success.


Here’s how we do it

African Camp & Catering has a leadership team with a collective experience that few can rival across Africa. We forge strong relationships with our clients and the environments in which they operate. By fully understanding their requirements, we then set to work to achieve those with cost and operational efficiencies.

We are familiar with many countries in Africa and we have built into our company an ethos to embrace cultural diversity. Through this measure, we empower local communities and the host governments of the countries in which we operate. All to the benefit of creating a seamless transition from plan to reality. We believe that in Africa, it is important to receive and give opportunities and where there are people there is an abundance of potential.

These people create the core of a flourishing business that takes your non-core company activities seriously and empowers people at a community level.  By gaining a thorough knowledge of your company’s needs and the communities around them, we are able to leverage off these dormant skills to serve you, our client.

The kinds of people synonymous with African Camp & Catering:

Our ultimate philosophy is to create a harmonious environment in which people are the heartbeat. The resounding reward is the rhythmic beat.


Mission StatementCamp construction

Our purpose

To provide the best outsourced service in remote locations throughout Sub-Saharan Africa by:

Our business

Efficient, cost-effective, and innovative service solutions delivered on time and within budget.

Our values

Embrace cultural diversity and instill skilled competence that delivers service excellence to our clients.


Our list of services is by no means the limit of our capacity. We pride ourselves in our ability to source and put in place just about any service you may need. So contact us if what you require is a little out of the ordinary.