OverviewCamp construction

African Camp & Catering’s specialties lie where resources are few and far away and where our clients’ core business needs to make their mark. Borne out of a need for hospitality, construction and camp management in remote locations, we have become a one-stop-shop for these solutions.

The services we offer, is one component of our excellence. Another is our ability to present these services to you on-site in a well-planned and efficiently executed manner. We achieve this with our stable and forward thinking leadership team that has the checks and balances in place to see projects through from plan to implementation to management and maintenance. Within this process lie our trade secrets that ultimately govern our success.Construction picture

Our services

Our list of services is by no means the limit of our capacity. We pride ourselves in our ability to source and put in place just about any service you may need. So please, contact us if what you require is a little out of the ordinary.